In our modern confectionery that fulfils every need, we offer our dear partners
aesthetic desserts which are made of the finest ingredients.
We take both the traditional and the present flavour trends
into consideration. We are especially proud of our craft ice cream factory
which offers premium gourmet ice cream (Manna Ice) and
One Scoop products providing innovative solution.

Manna Ice:

craft ice cream made of Italian ingredients.

Milk based:
For our cooked milk based ice creams we use cream of animal origin, so they give intensive pleasure for our customers.
Fruit based:
Our fruit flavours do not contain milk products, they are made of exclusive, high-quality fruits which are the main components of our ice cream with more than 40%.
Light–Vegan ice cream
We offer our cold-pressed olive oil based ice creams with reduced calorie content for our health-conscious customers. It provides an alternative for our customers who follow a fit diet in the offer of refreshing desserts. Our products contain fructose instead of glucose.

One Scoop:

Individually pre-packaged ice cream made of Italian ingredients available in 5 flavours. For its storing and distribution the following things are not necessary:
  • ice cream book
  • ice cream bar
  • ice cream scoop
  • ice cream scoop washing machine
  • other licences which are necessary to operate the equipments

For further information, please contact us:
Tel: +36305794098