About us

The ever expanding catering base of Gastland Flight Catering is located only 5 kilometers away from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, which gives us the advantage to provide a reliable and flexible service to our customers.

The catering facility is equipped with an in-house laundry, a trolley washer, separated dishwasher and glasswasher. An airside mini storage facility is also available upon request.

We have a wide onboard product range that meets all needs and expectations in the legacy, low-cost and VIP flight segments. From sandwiches through Hungarian specialities and international cuisine we offer special meals, confectionery and pre-packed items.

Our values:

  • Accuracy and precision
  • Customer minded attitude
  • Innovation
  • Cost efficiency
  • Safety standards
  • Flexibility


Gastland Group plays a significant role in the Hungarian economy operating a number of restaurants, hotels and dealing with real-estate leasing, real-estate management across the Country. Gastland Group also operates an international transport company with a fleet of over 50 high equipped, modern vehicles. The family owned enterprise started catering business in Hungary in 1992, and now we are proud to operate several restaurants and hotels, roadhouse and also the famous Lepenyes- stuffed flat bread production. 


Gastland Flight Catering was founded in 2014 and since that year we have been persistently investing into the facility’s development to fulfill our partners’ needs.

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